About Me

My name is Mary. I live in Charlotte, NC with my wonderful husband and our troublesome cat. I am originally from Texas and have strong family ties to Arkansas. By day, I work as a statistician. The rest of the time I try to keep my immune system from eating the meaty bits of my central nervous system. I also love to plan trips and travel, learn about epidemiology, research family history,  read historical fiction, and nap. The napping part is my true vocation.

I am amoral, godless, blunt, opinionated, sarcastic, politically liberal, and not terribly polite. It would be safe to say that I do not have much of an internal filter. If I offend you, I have a perfect solution to suggest: do not read my blog.

I have holes in my brain. I will write a fair amount about medical subjects, most specifically the fun and games that come with multiple sclerosis. I am not a medical professional, nor to I pretend to be. Do not take anything I write as medical advice. I simply share my experiences and observations. If they help you or make you chortle, fantastic! If you disagree or doubt, good for you. People should have an opinion.

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